I'm looking into buying a used Peavey Classic 30 right now. I know i want it used, but does it matter if for this particular amp if it is made in around 2002 or like 1997? I know the only difference is that it might need a tube change for the older one, am I right? Does it really matter how old it is?
nice. i think used ones sound better than really brand spankin' new amps.
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NOt really, unless the amps go through some sort of wiring change, which is unlikely.
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Peavey's are legendary for their reliability. Buy IT!
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I just bought a early/mid 90's model peavey. Just have the tubes tested before you buy it if you dont want to bother with changing them in the first year... the one I bought tested better than good on a tube tester which means they will be at their peak of performance. Buying used is great.
I just bought a 1987 Carvin X100B and it works great. Just make sure you're getting a good price. Put a search in ebay and look at the prices people are paying for used Classic 30s. There are lots of used ones on ebay usually. ::type Also, make sure the seller has at least a 99% approval rating.
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No problem going used if it's a good amp. Peavey's last forever, my dad gave me an old peavey 2x12 amp from when he was in high school, I fired it up when I got it, still works fine.
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