What would you guys consider good Heavy Metal, Rock, Classic Rock Bass Pedals? Things from ACDC, Black Sabbath, Bush, Metallica, RATM, etc...

Does the Line 6 Uber Metal Pedal work for this type of music?
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A Bass Wah may be an idea as well, since you mentioned RATM (And Geezer Butler used a wah as well didnt he?). Bass wah brings something unique to rock if you know how to use it
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The San.samp Bass Driver(overdrive/distortion) does everything from the classic overdriven SVT's that we all know and love, to doing Tool-esque distortion. I would check that out
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Metallica, RATM, and Black Sabbath all have Jim Dunlop Crybaby Bass Wah's.
And I'd recomend a big muff/rusian big muff/little big muff.
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a russian big muff... id recommend that.... especially if its one of the old green ones, but those hardly come around............. the russian big muff is used alot by bass players cose it doesnt take alot of bottom end away like 95% of the pedals do on bass...
everyone says the metal muff is amazing, but i havent tried it for bass yet... it should be great too......for guitar its the best pedal ive heard........

i'd also recommend a morley power wah (again, if you can get one of the older "Morley Power Wah Boost) ones i'd would be ****ing amazing)............
or a snarling dogs bootzilla fuzz/wah....
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commerford (ratm) also uses octave a bit. Boss do some decent multi effects units and the new zoom range aren't too bad either. Rock/metal sounds are basically those 3 mention:

other things to consider are phasers, envelope filters and compressors.

i'm with Drmckool on the anti line 6 bandwagon.
Get an EQ Pedal

Seriously the best investment a bassist can make for any genre

Boss do some nice ones and Boss = nuke proof so pick yourself up one
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big muff makes some of the best distortion pedals, I don't know about line 6.
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^ They are made by Electro Harmonix, no company called big muff. But yes, the big muff pedals are very good for their price.
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Boss are quite good for a range of pedals.

Electro harmonix and Morley also do bass pedals/pedals that work well with bass.

My favorite effects are overdrive, fuzz (there is a definate difference), wah and envelope filter. I would honestly recomment that combination (or just 1 distortion) to give a good solid bass for a variety of styles, though an octave pedal would also be a good investment.
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I'd recommend getting a real bass pedal, not a guitar pedal, unless you want to cut out most of your low end.

I'll wait for thefitz to rant about that though...
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Snarlin' Dogs Bootzilla! Best bass wah, best bass distortion.
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Metallica, RATM, and Black Sabbath all have Jim Dunlop Crybaby Bass Wah's.
And I'd recomend a big muff/rusian big muff/little big muff.

trujillo uses one, burton n newsted didn't