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My friend and I are both in different bands and they both are in some sort of hiatus at this time. So we decided that we would do acoustic shows. It will be him on drums and me on guitar, vox, and sometimes keys. So to cut to the chase i made a setlist and i want some opinions on it and suggestions. It most likely will be trimmed down.

good song- blur
coffee & tv- blur
im only sleeping- beatles
mr. tambourine man- bob dylan
like a rolling stone- bob dylan
redemption song- bob marley
i'll follow you into the dark- death cab
beware of darkness- george harrison
watching the wheels- john lennon
imagine-john lennon
In the aeroplane over the sea- Neutral Milk Hotel
working class hero- john lennon
3rd planet- modest mouse
wonderwall- oasis
half the world away- oasis
range life- pavement
karma police- radiohead
no expectations- rolling stones
let it bleed- rolling stones
sunday morning- vu
cut your hair- pavement
bittersweet bundle of
misery-graham coxon
weight of the world- brmc
shuffle ur feet-brmc
devil's waitin-brmc
maggie's farm- bob dylan
if not for you- george harrison
heart of gold-neil young
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id trim it a bit ya but i really like the idea, nice songs too. i wish you luck with this too