hey guys,
iv had my strings on for about 2 weeks (estimate) and i want to know if its worth adjusting the intonation since its a little bit out (prob not that noticeable)
Let me put it this way, intonation is almost as important as tuning. It should always be correct.
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It'll not wear your strings out dude. Unless your adjusting it every 5 minutes of course lol
Do it once and it should stay until you replace your strings, then it might go out a little. If you change strings to a different brand or gauge than what you intonated with it will also be out.
That's what I've found.
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i know it wont wreck your stings lol, i just don't want to adjust it again for a long time. Iv herd that when your strings are old it isn't a good time to adjust intonation.
2 weeks makes your strings old?

It's not hard to adjust intonation every now and then...
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2 weeks makes your strings old?

If they are D'Addario, then yes.

I use them exclusively and they need replacing very frequently compared to other brands, but I like the feel and sound.

To the threadstarter, just change it now, should be no problem.
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ok thanx guys for all your help. Btw D'Addarios do age extremely quick, not that im using them. I use GHS and they last long as