yeah I just bought this and its will be here in a few days. Heres a link


Im basicaly wanting to know, is this thing realy does let me make my own tracks.

Also, if i could plug an mic right into it and record vocals..?

Also if any one has any light to shed on this new device let me know. Ive seen one review for it and it seems the guy got a bad one. So I realy just blind bought it. Im just hoping to record a couple of tracks ive wrote. I have lead and rythm guitar written. So I hope this thing does what it supose to do.

So dont be shy please comment and let me have some input.
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behringer generally has a reputation for sub standard kit... but since you have already ordered one i can tell you that you will be able to record guitar straight into it, but you will only record one track at a time, so not guitar and vocals together. to record vocals you will need to get an xlr to 1/4" jack lead and that will plug straight in. if you decide you wanted to record two tracks at once you could go for something a bit better, the guitar tone will be alot nicer too im assuming. the line 6 toneport allows you to record a guitar using any of the models it provides with the 1/4" input, then with the mic input you can record using one of the vocal presets it gives and itll sound nice. its $130 from musicians friend.

Good luck
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hmm will it let me layer audio in the audio editer it comes with? Like lead and rythm guitar? Or strictly one?

Yeah not at one time but sepertly then layer them in the audio editer?
all i can say is return it as soon as it comes in.
it wont work with vista and the reviews are so low.

you are better off with a frostex X-12

or best yet, save up for a line 6 tone port interface and a good mic.
you will be able to record a drum track, play it back while recording bass, play both back while playing guitar...and so on.

the behringer gear is something I have never had much luck with. I have their KX1200 amp i use in my studio but its got a lot of hum to it...
I am surprised that it's still working though...
Ughhh you get a thumbs down as well. . I know its not going to be a great peace of recording machinery or anything, or even OK. I expect it to WORK THO.

As long as it works. And no more going "screw that thing" Thats all I can afford right now, and their is music in me that need to come out now.

So does any one know that with the audio editer it comes with if I can layer lead and ryhtm guitar?
yep, you seem to have your mind set on what you have so i wont go on about that

but you can layer tracks in your editing program whatever it is and itll sound terrible probably but it will work.
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Seems like it will work. The interface itself will be what it is, but its the software that will be the key, since you will be relying on the included software for amp modelling and effects, as well as for mixing multiple tracks. As others have said, you probably shouldn't expect much, but you can always get better software later.

To answer your question, you should be able to plug in a mic to it and record vocals. If you use a dynamic mic, you may need to get an XLR to 1/4'' adapter, then you can plug right in. But I'm telling you now that the signal will be quite weak and you probably won't be happy with this. Probably you should get a pre-amp (look them up on Musician's Friend). You will likely need to spend more money on the pre-amp than you spent for the USB adapter.

Your best bet for vocals, though, is a condenser mic. You will definitely need to get a pre-amp for this, and one that supplies phantom power to the mic. This set up will cost much more then what you spent for this Behringer thing. I got a nice set of two MXL condenser mics with a preamp for $100 on sale from MF a few months ago.
sweet, finally got some good answers. Yeah I am set on what im getting, I dont have much money and I have alot of music I need to get out and done before I decide I dont wont it or what ever. So thanx.