I was given an Guild acoustic by a family member for a few up coming gigs, but it has no pickup/jack. (I've been playing guitar for a fair while but dont have much of an idea when it comes the the wiring/electronics side of the instrument.)

So i'm buying a sound hole pickup to mic this guitar up, i know i could just mic it with a condeser (i have a shure sm57 which could do the job) and run that through a PA for the gigs but i need a spare pickup and plus i already bought it off ebay, its a good quality fishman (which they use in Martin guitars i think or Takamine) which i got quite cheap.

so my concern is after buying this pickup will i have to get a hole drilled in the valuble vintage guitar?
or are the sound hole pickups easy to set up/install, i.e. how do they work
Most soundhole pckups will just mount in your soundhole and then you have a little lead running out of the pickup which you then plug into. I've seen people with more or less permanent soundhole pickups with jacks installed in the guitar, but in general they are more designed as a temporary thing that can be taken out and put in as needed, and requires no modding to the guitar