hey i just bought this Zoom G1 Guitar effects peddle for just messing around and jamming with friends and stuff. I wanna know if its worth it or not. Or if any one has used it then can you tell me if its any good or not.
You have to have the little card with the abbreviations, the manual page that tells you what the dial settings mean and the Patch List all in front of you at the same time and then you can figure out how to edit your own patches pretty quickly. One hint - if you want sustain, set the noise reduction for any patch to zero. Even setting any of noise reduction types at 1 will kill your sustain. The unit is a fun way to experiment with mixing sounds and effects. Don't be too hard on the buttons or knobs. The big knob on the lower left on my unit now sticks and I really have to push hard on it to get it to start clicking. Guess I need to get a G2. It's made with metal parts instead of plastic.
If you're a beginner, who's just trying to become familiar with the effects available to guitarists, and you're just looking to have some fun, they're great. They're cheap and relatively simple to use, once you get the hang of it.

Once you decide what effects in particular you like, it's probably worth investing in higher quality single pedals.
Well you have it, right? Wouldn't you know if it was worth it or not? Most people ask this question before they buy something.

Anyways, if you want to see what effects are out there, and how to mess with them, they're fine. When you seriously begin to gig, you probably wouldn't need all the effects, and go with single effects for what you need.
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I got one of these the other day but tbh I know f.a. about pedals, but it seems fine to me.
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I had a Zoom G2 and used it with a crappy little SS amp, but sold it a few days later and bought a vox ad30vt. it sounded a lot better. a zoom effects pedal is ok to mess about on, but if you're serious about learning guitar do yourself a favour and invest in a decent amp
^^Yea, go to your Guitar Center or Sam Ash there in Katmandu, Nepal and shop around.