that one i one of my favorites somehow that song makes me feel like it's oll mine :P

So i wait for your opinions.

and just to mention if you crit mine i wil crit yours. i've heard most of others songs, but not critted them yet. so pls crit, it is in your favour. (it would be nice to give me a direct link to your song)
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Man, that was very good. I actually listened to the whole thing. Very catchy riff you've got going at the start, with a nice rhythm section going. To be honest, the intro solo didn't do much for me. The arpeggiated chords in the verse sound nice, and will provide a solid background if you ever add vocals. The chorus is alright...I think it sounds much better when you turn the volume of the bass up.

Getting to the wah-wah interlude... very cool. Nice buildup for the awesome solo, which was very melodic (unlike so many metal solos). The bass outro was pretty sweet. Overall, just a great job. It shows that you put a lot of work into this. After hearing the main solo, I think you could write a much better intro solo.

Other than that, turn the bass up, and I'm happy. I hope more people will listen to this.
yeah i know that, the intro solo i a bit "not-like-to-br-there" but i am workin' on it i'll update when made a new one, 10x for the crits
Well what can i say about this song. I did rather enjoy it. The first have of the song was slow and strung out for my liking but thats my opinion. But once i hit the second half i really started to enjoy it. My favourite part would have to of been the solo at 115.

Please check out mine for critz
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good riffing, but the intro solo is the least solo like solo ive ever heard

the main solo was fantastic, basic but great and the riff after it was sweet.

good work dude
The riff was nice....and the intro solo, well, was nice too, but not for a solo.
The verse stuff was good too....but kind of boring some time after all those arpeggios...maybe try something different.
The chorus was pretty good, kind of repetitive too.
THe interlude was nice for a moment...cause it was long
The solo was great.....it wasn't some insane metal shredding.. but it was melodic and very nice.
The next riff was good....I really liked the stuff at 141 and kind of solo starting at 145.
The outro was nice.......liked how you finished it with the bass..

Great song man 8.5/10

Mind critting mine? (in sig...one of the last 5 if you can )
I liked the whole song, even thou it sometimes was too repetitive.
The solo was very cool (not in the intro) and the main riff was very catchy.

anyways 9/10.
great job mate.

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uh kinda boring feeling i'm getting from it

spice it up a bit and maybe add some rapid melody to your solos instead of non-stop slowness

good effort and it has potential so work on it a bit and fix the solo's and add some/ make better riffs for the intro and stuff because i got bored quick

people tell me, "chris, you have some pretty decent lead licks for a 14 (15 on the 29th) year old"

and i say "well thanks eddie van halen" lol

so take a look at


maybe it'll give you an idea
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