hey guys,
I own a Vox AD100VT as you can see and i was wondering if i can get that SRV neck pickup bite that he gets from the tubes. I have tried to get it and i can't seem to get some of that bite he gets. Does anyone know if its possible to get that sound out of the VOX AD series?
Heres what I do to get a nice srv tone from the voxADVT series, first set the amp model to "tweed" and turn the gain down on the amp, with the bass and midrange EQ to your room and the treble turned down a tiny bit. Then run some tube OD pedal (tube screamer?) into the amp. Turn the gain on the pedal to 0 and the tone and level to 10.
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^ awesome thanx man but what do u meen by "with your bass and midrange EQ to your room"