put up a tune just recently. one of my first to finally be completed so i'm pretty excited about it.

come check it out and leave some crits for me please and thank you!


theres only 1 tune up. so you cant miss it.

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sounds pretty siiiick. the guitar playing is really clean and sounds tight... good vocals. I like a lot. it's repetitive either, that's good. this is actually REALLY good. haha. I like it a lot. wow. nice job man... I'm gonna finish listening to the song now... it's only at like 1:30 or so...

slowin' down at 2:00...

cool lead lines... then some chuggin'

haha so sick. damn.

you tab this out for me to learn haha.

that song was badass.

good job!

c4c?... in the sig.


p.s. make it so you can add that song to your profile... I wanna put it on my personal myspace.
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thats pretty ****ing hardcore dude, it sounded sweet. You live kinda near me thats cool. rock on dude
thanks for the great acclaim guys!

just to clear up.. the drums are actually a program called modplug tracker.

the drum samples were ripped from a roland TD-6 and the cymbals from a program called Drumkit from hell2.

i highly reccommend it for ANYTHING.
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.
Pretty sweet. Love the crisp guitar tone, and the drumming sounds great. The playing is tight, and the vocals are strong. The spoken parts add a nice touch. The lead line during the slower chugging part works well, and the solo sounds pretty sweet. Ends way too abruptly though.
I like ur guitar tone whats ur recording rig ?? the song itself its badass **** doesnt get boring and doesnt let up vocals are well done even though im not much of a fan of guttural cookie monster stuff it fits the songs really well but really awesome job put some more **** up so i can check it out
Ha, I listened to your song like 1000 times.. lol. I'm competing in the UG metal contest so I listened to the song to spot any minor flaws etc.. There aren't any.. The production is great, your vocalist is br00tal, the riffage is amazing Cannibal Corpsy blended with Deicide blended with other stuff..

very very good job mate, perhaps sometime you'll teach me how to record properly at home, lol..

EDIT: Oh ****, you're a loner like myself... Makes it even a greater song..
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Was my initial reaction That is some pretty sick stuff dude. Everything was spot on, from the guitars to the drums. i agree, the spoken parts gave a really cool effect. Sweet solo. The chugging in your song is just so powerful, I love it. I wish my recordings would sound liek that. Awesome job dude.
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goddamn dude, this is sheer brutality. i love it! guitar tone is sick. very tight playing too! vocals are ****ing evil as hell, awesome. leads are a nice touch, it's nice to hear a metal player who actually plays with some FEEL man! not just mindless wanking. can't wait to hear more of your stuff! keep em coming for sure!
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EDIT: Oh ****, you're a loner like myself... Makes it even a greater song..

were all loners in this comp by the looks of it

anyways, recording quality is amazing pwns the **** out of mine for sure. vocals are amazing, its weird cos in your picture you dont look like you can make those sounds . the riffing is sweet especially the parts just after the 1 minute mark, i really liked that bit and the drums are amazing. i know you play them yourself

the chugging at around 1.15 with the leads is great and the harmonised tapping is class, i need to try that sometime but yeah it ends way too abruptly even another riff or 2 after the solo would have been good.