This debate has been going on for ages now! and many people will say u cant decide which band is better but i say you can! i listen to both of them still to this day! i listened to muse from the showbiz album! and radiohead a bit later on!

I want people to just say which band is better by the following-

Muse=M Radiohead=R

better guitarist-M -1
better singer-M-1
better live-M-1
better pianist-M-1
better bass-M-1
better drummer-R-1
over all as a band (chemistry)- R-1

after a day or two i will calculate who is better ate each part!

heres a few perfomances by both witch show there talent-

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Yeah, please just wipe this **** off the face of the earth. I am sick and tired of this debate and most likely, so is every Muse and Radiohead fan.
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radiohead, methinks
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I like muse better.. But why compare them? I don't see the point? They're soo different?
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they aren't even similar anymore

sure you can say their first album was quite 'radiohead'

but now muse just sound like themselves

and in my opinion muse are better than everyone, so of course I think they're better than radiohead

this is a bit of a crap thread...
I prefer Radiohead but I'm a huge Muse fan as well. They do indeed sound very different, I don't even think that 'Showbiz' sounded much like 'The Bends' and NO ONE sounds like Radiohead from OK Computer onwards to be honest.
Versus threads just go nowhere.

Besides, one of them is absolute ****e and the other is absolutely brilliant, there really is no comparison
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