I planned this to be a long an elaborate post, but we'll see if it turns out that way. I just wanted to know if any of you guys or girls out there felt like today's metal is just all of the same stuff? I find myself fast-fowarding through most of Headbanger's Ball (DVR/TiVo ) unless they're showing a classic metal band, such as Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, etc.

My friends all tell me I need to stop being negative about metal and actually give it a listen, but truth is, I've tried that method. No matter how many times I listen to Lamb of God, I think it's atrocious, just to name one band. When I sit and watch music videos and listen to music, everything seems the same. The object of heavy metal music today is to dress in as much black as you can, and have as many tattoos as you can.

The actual musicianship of it all is the same to me. Most of the time, when a song is just getting started up, I usually poke fun by doing random screaming noises (I know, weird), but the sad thing is that it always ends up sounding like it. All bands seem to do today is just play some fast, down-tuned, galloping riff, and then a random harmony line. Which isn't to say there isn't good talent out there. Nowadays, every kid sits at home perfecting their lead techniques.

If I can take a line from Dave Mustaine, I like it when you can point out a band above all the others. For example, "Oh, that's AC/DC!" or "Oh, that's Sabbath!". All the bands voices sound the exact same today. Which brings me to another point: how big metal's grown. There are pros and cons to the expansion of metal. I think it's gotten too big and overgrown, I mean, come on, "symphonic death metal"? Everything seems to have gotten too messy.

Black metal, death metal, thrash metal, rock n' roll, emo, etc. The list could go on and on. Personally, I think today's metal is a combination of emo and metal. Now, hear me out before you get all pissy. Emo people are known for dressing in black and/or tight clothes singing about their feelings and whatnot. Metal is about sounding heavy. "Emo Metal" just about sums up today's music.

Except for the veterans of metal who continue on today. Slayer, Ozzy, Cannibal Corpse, etc. Sometimes, I sit and try to analyze and try and figure out what made them so famous; what set them apart from the rest. My conclusion so far is that they came along when a certain trend or type of music ran rampant. Metallica, for example, came along the hair metal era. Pantera (although not the first metal band to come along; Death is a fine example) came along during Grunge, and so on.

So, as far as an overall opinion, I think most of today's metal (veterans aside) is horrid. I would've much rather been a citizen of the 80's metal scene. Back when the good ol' classical metal existed. "Reign In Blood", "Master of Puppets", "Peace Sells...", all classics in their own rights.

It is a common saying that history repeats itself. I, for one, hope this saying comes to fruition someday. For now, metal is just in it's healing process. We will rise again some day.
You're just not digging deep enough to find some new stuff that you'll like in the genre. Just go visit the metal forum, the rec thread, and I think that youll find some music that'll sound good to you. Or don't visit, I don't care.
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for a start

megadeth and slayer = thrash

Lamb of God...are pretty much shit and arre not metal, but i like listening to them if i want to go crazy

you'll get used to it hopefully...i used to hate heavy music, now i love it

try some Opeth
metals dying just the same way punk did, at least emo's gonna go the same way. its evolution of music it cant be stopped.
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Yeah, if you're sick of "emo metal" stop watching Headbangers' Ball.

But that's just it--metal is supposed to be a gathering of "metalheads".
Headbanger's Ball sucks.

Metal is fine today. You just have to look for it.
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"emo metal"

thats the stupidest genre i've ever heard.

But yeah there does seem to be a lack of new thrash bands etc. though personally I enjoy quite a bit of the new metalcore stuff so I dont really mind.
I fully agree with you, TS. I can't stand today's metal. 80's and 90's metal, like old Slayer or Pantera was great, but since then it's just gotten worse.
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But that's just it--metal is supposed to be a gathering of "metalheads".

Headbangers ball is far from a representation of metal, same way as mtv's punk bands are far from being a good representation of punk music. Not that there's anything worng with those bands, just that there's so much more in each genre than just those couple o' bands.
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You're an idiot. Theres plenty of new metal bands out there bringing out fresh new music. You're just not looking.


Symphony X
Dream Theater
Circus Maximus

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Why did you just call him an idiot?

Because he said todays metal was crap, but all he managed to list as 'good metal' was the popular 80s/90s bands, such as Metallica, Pantera, Slayer etc.

He also posted this in the pit of all places, though I suppose if he had posted it in the metal forum he would have got raped.
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Because he said todays metal was crap, but all he managed to list as 'good metal' was the popular 80s/90s bands, such as Metallica, Pantera, Slayer etc.

And his lack of knowledge of the music genres, and metal bands makes him an idiot how exactly?

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