Do you think it's wrong for a person to only have 8-10 favorite bands? I have about that many bands, and I just listen to all their music, nothing else really.

I mean, I see alot of people talking about favorite bands, and they go on for ages naming them off, but my influences dont happen to be that far and wide.

What about yourselves?
thats not bad,but you may want to listen to others to expand,there was a time where all i listend to was zeppelin,rhcp,and rage,pretty much though i listen to aton of **** now
I'd rather listen to the seven or so bands I've listened to consistently over the years than be one of those people with a million songs on their Ipod and not know jack all about any of the bands or any of the lyrics.

I usually only listen to two bands in any three months or so space in my life. Right now all I listen to is Andrew Bird and Rise Against.
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No, it's not wrong. I pretty much have a favorite band per genre. So it's ok.

Now if every band was your favorite...that'd be interesting.
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Sometimes I get stuck with one genre.. Right now I listen mostly too Post-Hardcore (Thursday) , Ska and Blues.
I agree with Henry, having 8 - 10 favourite bands isn't that bad (that's probably more than I have), but I always try to listen to other stuff to not only find more bands/ types of music that I like, but to expand my playing ability, too
i really only listen to 2 bands...Red Hot Chili Peppers (a lot of older...not that much newer stuff) and the Smashing Pumpkins
I listen to:

Cannibal Corpse

I can't really think right now, I've been up for 24 hours.
I have some bands that are my absolute favorites (Minor Threat, Bad Religion, Adolescents) but then I also have bands that I am really into at a for a while. Currently I am listening to a lot of D.R.I., D.O.A., Western Addiction, and JFA.
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I like to have a few different bands, but every once in a while I get an album of a band I've heard about but never heard. If I like it I buy some more of them. That way I expand my music slowly and get to know each band so it's not like what Rankles said.
I have a lot of favorite bands. My favorite of all would probably be Led Zeppelin or Rage Against The Machine. My theory is that the more different bands you listen to, the better you are as an all-around musician. Like, if you like death metal, try listening to some jazz or funk or something. It gives you more ideas and just makes you a better musician.
I listen to lots of bands, some of them i still don't even know the lyrics too, but you can't say it's wrong for someone to listen to music and not know anything about them, that's just being elitist. But that all becomes void if someone is pretending to know everything about a certain band but don't, that's just being idiotic. [End of rant]
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nah, its bull****e when people say they have like 30 odd favourite bands. they mean they LIKE 30 odd bands. to me, a favourite band is one that you dont get bored of. like, i have tonnes of albums, as will everyone else on this site, most of them ill listen to for a week, but then not for like 6 months. i still like the bands though. my favourite bands, ill always listen to once/twice/thrice a week.
im not sure how many FAVOURITE bands i have, off the top of my head... 6.
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