alright im gonna cut to the chase...... whats the difference between a 250k, 500k, and 1 meg pot? whats the best 1 to put in a guitar?
i was thinking about gibson p94 pickups cuz i wanna get a blues rock sound.... which wld u recomend
I think with p-90 style pickups you should use 500k, however I don't have any experience with p94's, so I'm not 100% sure. I know there's lots of other people on here who will know for sure, so I'd wait until one of those people post an answer.
"The P-94 is a unique combination that provides the best of both worlds - the classic Gibson P-90 sound in a traditional humbucker-size housing. Replacing a humbucker with the P-94 requires no routing or other damaging modifications to the guitar.

The P-94 uses the same enamel coated vintage wire and Alnico V magnets as the P-90 and comes in calibrated neck and bridge models for balanced output. Or combine the P-94 with an existing humbucker for unique tonal combinations.

This Gibson pickup has higher output and sustaining qualities than traditional single-coil pickups giving it plenty of bite when needed, with enough responsiveness to allow subtle nuances for enhanced dynamics. "
does the brand of pots matter? like would it be better to buy a DiMarzio or a Gibson or the ones on the site James gave.....or r they all the same
^ I haven't used stewmac's pots, I just used the website because it has a decent description of 500k/250k, so I'm not sure what brand they sell to tell you if it's good or not. However, I've heard lots of good reviews and reccomendations towards stewmac (not specifically the pots, but generally for parts), so I would assume they're decent quality.
If you're buying the pickups directly from gibson, you might as well go with gibson pots to save you some hassle buying from somewhere else, although if you have access to any brand of pot, DiMarzio, Gibson, CTS, or just about any of the other brands you'll find at a decent store will work, too.