I wasn't sure what forum to put this in, so i thought i might stick it in here, if its in the wrong forum, sorry about that.

ANYWAY, long story short, i'm learning Trust by Megadeth, and I can play the chorus & verse riffs all right, I was just wondering about the solo, before I tackle it, how long has anyone spent learning the solo in the UG forums? I know I should take it slowly and build up speed and technique until I can play it in time, but I just wanted to know how long some people took to learn this particular solo.
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This thread was made back when i had my old 06 account.

it took me about 15 minutes but i encourage you not to play he last 3 seconds exactly as marty, and just improvise there. i think its tough to learn and u could spend the time memorizing and practicing at something with much better results.