So0o0 I just bought a 2 Channel Mesa Dual Recto head
And I need a cab now..
Theres a cab in my local store which I've been considering..
It's a Marshall 1960 Vintage with 4 Celestion V30's - £399, does that sound like a good deal?
Btw I will be playing stuff like Necrophagist, any death metal like that, to lighter post hardcore, and some cleans.
So yeah I need a cab which isn't TOO expensive to handle these styles =)
Well you can get it on guitarampkeyboard.com for £365, although I dunno if it would be about the same with delivery charges, might work out a bit cheaper.
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People seem to love Vader Cabs 0.o, I've been wanting one myself for my nonexistent Tube Head
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I've heard of them, but I live in the UK and shipping them here is expensive and stuff I think so..
As ur in the UK, a Marshall cab would be a good idea. I would recommend the Mesa Traditional cab, but chances are for you it will be so upcharged that it is not worth it.

Go with the V30 Marshall. (Unless you find a good deal on a traditional Mesa )