I searched for this and nothing came up.

So, what is everyone favourite cheese?
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I don't really like cheese. Unless it's on a burger.
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Co-jack or colby. Swiss is goon on sandwiches, but not by itself.
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or just cheese.
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^That's it! No other idea will even come close to that one. Joetime get's a pizza!
mozzerella (or however u spell it)
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Camembert. But i'm also quite partial to sweet cheeses.
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making a windows machine look like a mac is like putting lipstick on a pig.

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Ahck, cheese rules.

My fav is the simple standard, chedder.

But I also like brie, blue cheese and pretty much any other cheese.
my favourites are cheddar and double gloucester

dont really like more mature/strong cheeses

I've changed my mind, deep fried brie with a bit of rhubard chutney is the most amazing cheese can get!
The one in my sig!

But really... Cantal. Best from a market in France. Really really great cheese!
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I would have to say either Swiss or Provalone.

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Brie or halloumi or Turkish soft white crumbly cheese, I don't know it's English name
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Stilton (Mature)
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i dont like any cheese except for

nacho cheese with a generous amount of Jalapeno
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I like lots of cheeses, In fact I don't think I've met a cheese I don't like....but my favorites are probably swiss and cheddar or sharp cheddar, too many different kinds though...
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