I knew some of you must like Douglas Adam's books (Dirk Gently & Pikka Bird by their names) and then I saw Dirk got some votes for the best name so figured theres alot more of you. Who else loves his work? Anyone ever notice how Ford Prefect chooses his name when he goes to earth but yet people who didn't know about his stint on earth call him Ford and not Ix?
I've read the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy at least twenty times. My copy is really, really dog eared.
I love the whole 'trilogy of five' Hitchiker's books by Douglas Adams.

I think he was one the wittiest writers ever. And I never did notice the name situation with Ford.

..Marvin is still the best character, depressed robots FTW.
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Everyone managed to use some sort of psychic power to read the name tag on Ford's Y-fronts, and decided to go along with it, since it was obviously how he wanted to be known.
Yea Marvin was the best, i hope they make another movie , to see the Hitchhikers go to the movie screen was awesome i hope they make The restraunt and the end the universe.
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