Well I do not have a deffanite favourite for strings for my acoustic guitar..
I cant remember what strings i had on before my mom broke my high e string,
but before that i had Dean Markleys i believe
and i cant remember before that and that because i have a crap memorey anyways I like to try different things so any suggestions I should try?
I use Ernie Ball Earthwoods
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I use elixers because they last a hell of a long time
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Yeah, Ive always used elixers and my local shop didnt have them this time.. so i bought the d'addarios exp.. and i hate them. they sound ok...but. i just dont like them.

i guess its just cause i'im used to the elixer nanowebs. but...i dunno. try em both and see what you think. there around the same price too. 20-28 dollars

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Jay turser.. i dunno what model.
i bought my first pack of elixirs a month or so back, after going with daddario exps since i bought my acoustic and elixirs win hands down.
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Another vote here for Elixir, but more specifically the phosphor bronze ones.
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Elixer Phosphor Bronze Nanowebs all the way. Dean Markley Alchemy GoldBronze are ok too, and seem to be lasting, but are harder on the fingertips than the Elixers are.
Anyone try the Blue Steel Markley's yet? The cryogenically frozen ones?
the blue steels last a very long time but the one's i've gotten have lost their good tone after about 3-4 months
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Either D'addario EXPs or Elixirs. Different pros and cons for each but all in all i rate them about the same.
I just wanna say. I HATE the D'addarios EXPs. ive been playing w/ them for 3 days. and they have SOO much slide screech. Elixers dont have any screetch. go w/ the elixers

Seagull Entourage Rustic Q1
Washburn D-10 N 93'
Jay turser.. i dunno what model.