ok, so i was playing my guitar the other day and I noticed that one of my pickups was slanted. And by that i mean it went below the body ike into it, its not just a little slanted its really slanted. Im not sure how to fix it or if itll be a problem, but if it will be a problem can someone tell me how to fix it. Ill post pics once my mom gets home with the camera. Oh and if it affects it at all, its a BC Rich Special Edition Warlock(from '05)(Please don't flame).
You mean like this? http://guitar17.myweb.uga.edu/Fender_strat.jpg

Yeah, its supposed to be like that. I'm not at all sure why. If this isn't what your talking about then sorry, i don't know whats wrong.
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^ He's saying that the pick-up's moved inside the body.
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My guitar has screws on the top right next to the pickups, I don't know if yours does, but I can just tighten the screws to level mine up.
Quote by ChordMonger
screw might be stripped. replace it?

Replace the Screw, not the whole pickup.

Just incase there was any confusion