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"It's funny how these pills
can improve my mood
but make me consider suicide much more often."

"If you ever killed yourself, I'd kill you."

"I'd probably let you."


"You must be wondering why I’m home early"
"Actually i am"
"Why didn’t you wake me? I left the message on your side of the bed."
"I did. I placed the note on your side which said wake up."
"I just can’t believe it that you did this to me."
"Why are you so pissed? What happened?"
"Pissed, I am so pissed that I can’t describe. I got fired today."
"Well I am really sorry."
"I just don’t know how to react on this."
"Come on let’s go out and celebrate the fact that we are once again talking"

Corey and Kyle go to England!

"Hey sexy, how you doing?"
"Ugh, don't flatter yourself. You think I'm interested in you? I mean, look at that ass, or lack thereof. And don't even bother flashing me a smile, what with those poisoned gums and cranky teeth of yours."
"Okay, but..."
"There's no butt, I've already told you. I don't think there's a single part of me that wants to be in you. Get out of my sight, you're standing right in front of that chick with the yellow sweater."
"Corey, that's no chick, she's a brownie. She must be like ten years old or something."
"Shut up Jamie, I was totally joking."
"Can I at least get your number?"
"No! Go on, get out of here! Jesus your British girls don't give up do they?"
"Hey man lay off them, they have their attractions. "
"Like you'd know Steve, what they have a penis or something?"
"Give it a rest with the gay jokes man, we're on holiday in England, why are you still maintaining on being a complete dick?"
"Oh, finally, Kyle raises his head up from his gameboy. You caught anything else yet?"
"Yeah, like a scallywag or jellyhooper?"
"He'll write a poem on it later, probably."
"Yeah, totally haha."

"Wow, he looks mad."
"Yeah. Wait, what's he getting out?"
"Christ what the he-"
"He's got a friggi-"
"Jesus Kyle we were only jo-"


“You know Kyrl, I was thinking the other day, life can be pretty damn ridiculous.”
“I was thinking about my childhood, and how many of the things I said could have influenced people into taking, choices or chances in a way they wouldn’t have if not for my comment.”
“That sounds logical, not ridiculous.”
“I know but my broken-down vocabulary doesn’t allow for much”
“My childhood was pretty hectic”
“Yeah, I was born bald, in Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, and then had to be put in an incubator”
“Big deal”
“The fact is, my mum didn’t get to breastfeed me, so later on I wouldn’t and I was skinny.”
“Ah, I see. Choice.”
“Exactly. I then moved to Chile when I was two years old, after a job my dad decided to take, with LAN Chile, the airline. I stayed there 7 years, but I have forgotten all about it, I can only remember people’s faces. And a time when my violin fell out of its’ case as a door was closing. After that I moved to Madrid, which wasn’t to bad, couple of car accidents, the discovery of the outside lane, the middle finger and the why communism never works. That’s pretty hectic for a twelve year old. At this point I was getting good at violin and my family environment was deteriorating. Decomposing is more accurate. My sister was studying in Ireland, my mum was playing bridge, my dad got home late from work, and the cat kept getting liver infections.
“Yeah quite a bit. Later on I moved to South Africa, where my dad got a job in a company whose name I hate to much to bring up.
“What they do?”
“They gave my dad the sac, for being white, and for having better ideas than the C.E.O. But there I met Gianna Tommei. Good God she was the fattest thing I have ever seen. Yet she was the best English teacher I ever had, she introduced me to Jordan, Tolkien, Pratchet, King, Pullman and many more. I also met Russell Stirling, the strange music teacher, who introduced me to guitar and The Straits. That weird man, whose glasses didn’t suit and had shaved his head to look like a baby.
“I always new he had cancer, but I let him be. I took up the guitar because he managed to showed me the realm of choice, magic, bliss, such a musical instrument can give.
“Why do you tell me this Kyrl”