Sorry, I know there are about a million of these, but I've been reading the forums for a few months (I finally broke down and registered an account), and I was looking in particular for a couple good acoustic guitar songs that include both melodies and solos (think "Wish you were here"). In particular I'd like to find a few songs that not only sound great solo, but sound even better when accompanied by another guitar, be it elec or acoustic. Any help would be appriciated!
well, zeppelin has a lot of songs where theyd all just play the acoustic ('cept bonham) or page would play the electric and jones the acoustic...think over the hills and far away...so yea. you might wanna look into them.
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the light and the glass by coheed and cambria (the version on the dvd live at the starland ballroom) there are good tabs on this website for it too.
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Yeah, I'm a big Zepp fan, I love Over the hills, its just you have to be downright godly to pull off some of Paige's solos. lol. Sorry my question's so broad, I suppose stuff that's designed for both acoustic and electric. Some of my faves are Over the Hills (Zepp), Wish you were here (Floyd), and Put your Lights on (Everlast/Santana). Thanks again for the suggestions!