I found a whole bunch of really kick ass custom guitars from different places, Some are one of a kind but others can be replicated depending on the company.

This ones a custom by http://www.firstact.com made for Rick Neilson (Guitarist for Cheap Trick) this ones a ridiculous, 6 pickups all with their own switch and seperate volume/tone knobs.

This ones another http://www.firstact.com custom made for the guitarist of the Wildhearts, pretty cool body shape.

This one's a Dean and it surprisingly isnt just for show, it was made for some shredder dude named Michael Angelo Batio.

This one I'm not sure about, I think its just homemade, super simple but pretty cool.

Here's another First Act Custom, double necked, one side 6 string guitar, other side 4-string fretless bass.

Delorean inspired telecaster custom.

This ones gorgeous, custom guitar inspired by the Lotus (Car Model)

Another First Act, Custom strat-style guitar made for Brent Hinds (Guitarist of Mastodon)

First Act custom made for Martin Gore, lead guitarist of Depeche mode, suits the band i guess?

Here's the last one I'll post for now, it's a 12-string First Act custom, probably my favorite of these customs so far.
If anyone has more pictures of cool creative custom guitars post em, I'll put up more later, just dont want this initial post to be any more obnoxiously long as it already is.

Lots of pickups..cool
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and your us these because...?

I really could care less about them (and I already HATE the MAB one)
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I like that one... The others are uglyyyyyyyy (my opinion )
YEAH! Mirror Manson FTW!

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geeze, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but those are some hideous looking guitars
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Check out Yuriy Shishkov, he does the Russian Fender Strats but I think (Don't quote me on this) he made the ML and Razorback when Dimebag was part of the Washburn Roster.
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Haha you have a thing for First Act, I'm guessing...

As much as I detest Schecters, this is pretty awesome:

Dimebag is overrated. Sue me.
Haha, "some shredder dude named Michael Angelo Batio" .

The only one of those I really would buy, is the double neck explorer. THAT IS AWESOME, but I would 12 string on top, 6 string on bottom, I don't need a bass.
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and your us these because...?)

What is that supposed to mean. And c'mon man, lighten up a little. Just because you act like you have PMS doesn't mean you have to share the fact with everyone else.

P.S. I'm not dumb, I can figure out what you said because of the context.
Here's a bunch more customs

Custom Kraken

Custom Gibson

This ones pretty odd looking, custom First Act, it was made for David Fuzinski of the screaming headless torsoes, both sides are 6 string, ones fretless the other isnt.

Can't tell what the maker on the headstock is but it's a double necked slide guitar, both sides look the same so I'm not sure what the difference is between the two.

Made for the lead guitarist in Mindless Self Indulgence, another First Act.

Custom First Act for Gretyl of Hanzyl and Gretyl

Triple necked guitar by ESP, pretty ridiculous

Anyone else thing the picture on that looks like some sort of penis?

Les Paul wearing Jeans

I know this is just a signature guitar but it's still pretty bad ass

Crazy snake eating a dude guitar
Kurt Ballou of converge custom guitar by First Act

Los Lonely Boys lead guitarist custom by FA

umm yeah

Pretty cool custom 7-string made for the lead guitarist of damone -_- by First Act

Lead singer/Guitar for Franz Ferdinand Custom by First Act

There's also another guitar I was going to post but I cant find the picture now and I dont know who made it but its body is supposed to emulate a mosquitos wings so it resonates a lot more, it looked pretty cool, anyone know anything about that?
Most these guitars have been so unbelievably ugly and uncool. Rufiothebandito, did you see the LP with jeans at the Harrods guitar exhibition?
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I've never really had a thing for custom guitars. For some reason I've always preferred massly produced guitars straight from a brand.
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This Jackson Has To Be The Nicest Custom Ive Seen In A while

Moser Does Some Nice Customs Aswell