Hey there, I need some help with my Boss ME-50.
I can't seem to get a decent tone out of it, and I'm extremely impatient with these things haha.
can someone gimme some settings they have on theirs?
Need some decent metal tones, heavy and not so heavy.
some hard rock tones
some nice blues-y tones and just generally some clean tones

thanks for your help
The distortion settings are a bit weak first off. I hook a overdrive or distortion box into the me-50 quite often.
Right now I have the Rat sim with all knobs at 10 -the Phaser is on with rate at 0 depth at 4 e/level at 4 - delay on with ms 100-500 time set at 10 feedback at 5 e/level at 6.
That right there will get you a nice high gain sound, you can just flip the distortion switch around and find what suits you. I also have a French toast box hooked into the ME-50, sometimes use it to overdrive the sound or distort it.
The wah pedal will boost your gain a lot too.
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i like modern od, gain - all the way up. bass - about 12:00- tone about 3:00, a slight delay similar to the one on the country setting except with the level and feedback turned down some. and sometimes some chorus. the "fat" tone modify adds a little more gain to it. thats what i use
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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i have a great tone for metal and hard rock these are my settings

Tone - enhance
compressor - sustain 12 oclock, level 12 ocklock
reverb 50% hall
OD/DS - LOUD Drive - 11 oclock
bottom - 1 oclock
tone - 3 oclock
level - 2 oclock

MOD - ST chorus 1 Rate - 8 oclock
depth - 2 oclock
E.level - 2 oclock

chorus just used for stereo effect

For solo's with bridge pickup i add delay :Pan or space pan Time - 10 oclock
feed - 10 oclock
level - 2 oclock