can someone tell me where i could find a zakk wylde national anthem guitar/guitar pro tab??? give me a link.
that guy can play that? Geez >_> Probly all gay with a ton of pinch harmonics >.<
But sorry man cant help ya.
just learn the regular version and play it with distortion and throw in some pinch harmonics. if he adds in little bits in between stuff it shouldnt be too hard to fill it in if you have the regular song down
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yeah I already learned it by ear, its way different than the regular version ( i already tried the regular version ) and i can play it almost can play it the exact same way he does, exept for the fast parts, and thats why I need a tab....
Yeah, he played it at Ozzfest Devore, CA. It was actually pretty cool. Like 8 minutes long.
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