Hey there, I'm visiting my friends up in another state right now, and when I got there, I had a wild idea to blow a buncha money to get recording material and make some cover songs. ($700 to be exact). When we first started we were very excited, learned the guitar parts, drums, and got the vocals down. But then, it came down to the actual recording, everything went to hell. (Excuse my language). I'm not going to list all the previous problems, just the main one that we can't get through at the moment. We have a 8-channel Alesis mixer, and a set of DKR-F5H3 Superlux mics. Here are the parts to the problem:
1) The mic is picking up signal even when there is no sound going on
2) It stays at the same signal level even when yelling and talking into it
3) Input/channel problem maybe?

My friends and I are really lost at the moment so if anyone could help I'd be very grateful. My friend has a hunch that the mic is broken or something.