K, so im doing a powerpoint for My AP world history Class...but i need a bit of help UG. Here are my questions...

1.How can i make the background for each slide different...
2.where are my CS sound files located...
3.Any ideas to make my powerpoint look more professinal or something...
4. I need ideas for good backgrounds... The Subject is Darfur...
For backgrounds, I usually find an appropriate picture for the slide topic, enlarge/shrink it to roughly fit the slide, then move it to the back of the slide on the Size, Rotation, and Ordering submenu. Alter the picture's transparency and/or the text color to make it stand out if needed.

To keep it professional, don't put too much writing down on the slide. Keep it brief, and elaborate on each point when you present. I find it insulting to my intelligence when people just read everything straight off the slide.
lol, there are not many pretty backgrounds for something like darfur.

1. what i do for different backgrounds (albeit, probably wrong) is take a picture, copy from the internets, then paste it onto the slide, then resize to entire slide. Then, you should be able to make the image transparent, i would say about 30 to 50%.

2. cant help you there, i normally use custom music files or something.

3. i need to see a few pics of what you have now in order to see what it looks like. What i do is NOT use alot of the built in effects, they just seem too....noobish to me.

4. Again, darfur = one sad panda. Maybe some anti genocide association pictures instead?

hope that helps
One way for a cool background is to copy a picture from google pics and then paste them onto the slide. Then when you right click on the picture, you can click an option to send the picture to the background so the background would be the pic with the text over it. You can also find Powerpoint templates online. Just search around.
1. you can just take the picture you have, and click and drag it onto the background.
3. Use transitions, add background music (very very low volume) sorry i forget how to add the music.
4. Search that **** on google.
Good luck.
Oh, another background idea:

If you have a good picture that won't work well for the background for whatever reason (shape, size, colors, etc.), shrink it, and put it next to your bulleted points somewhere. Then, on the Format Slide Background option, you should be able to make the background a solid color (or use some fade effects between two colors to make it more interesting).