ok. i am almost finished with my guitar except for pickups and wiring. my regular guitar, i always put the vol and tone maxxed. if i have one volume, the tone will be maxed, or lowed? if i have one tone, the volume will be maxxed or will it even have a sound? btw, i know everyone uses vol more than tone and i can drill another hole if i really need too.
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The knobs will be maxed, and you can drill in another hole if you have to.
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os there a way to have it so that its like the tone is set to 0 with out a pot?>
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yeah couldnt you just put the cap on the pups output wire?

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The way a tone knob works is to divert some of the signal through a cap to ground, so you'd want to connect it to ground instead of just having it in series with the hot wire.