every time i play a song, after a while my hand starts to hurt(not my picking hand, my other hand). for example: when i play Holy Diver, i can only get up to the chorus. how do i fix this so the pain goes away? do i need to strengthen my hand or what(and whats the best method)?

play slowly
make sure you're not using energy tensing up your hand and getting nowhere, only put as much effort as you need into it.
relax, relax
play everything relaxed
if it hurts try to do everything in the most natural position possible.
i have a 'white guitar'
practice, relax, practice. make sure that when youre practicing that you get a healthy burn but youre not in agonizing pain. building muscle in your playing hand is the same as building muscle anywhere else on your body, but these muscles will definitely get you laid
Where does it hurt exactly?

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ive been playing for about 6 months & it hurts right between the fingers, like between the nuckles.

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I have no idea... Maybe you are pressing down too hard messing with the ligaments running up the back of your hand. Your hand and wrist should NEVER be tense.