im thinkin about this christmas (i know far away but i would like an idea) of a good tube combo and or halfstack that would be good for metal....maybe a mesa combo off of ebay or a peavey...idk but i play mostly melo death and just high gain metal...any suggestions would be nice
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mesa rectifier single double triple its your choice. they're great amps. the only reason i didnt get one is because i play more hard rock than i do metal.
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peavey 5150/6505 is pretty much THE metal amp. Otherwise look into mesa's, ENGL, VHT, Soldano. These companies all have great high gain amps.
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line 6's are also good for metal. i have a line 6 spider and its been awesome for the stuff i play
Instead of going for the relatively loose Recto, check out the Mark Series. Muuuch tighter and aggressive, and a used Mark III head can go for around $600!
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