Yeah, my problem here is that i'm hopefully getting a new guitar very soon and i'm a real noob when it comes to picking which one's better than the other. First off i'm going to be buying a new amp (the micro cube) and i will have about $200 usd left over. The guitar i use is a really crappy fender that my parents bought me a few months back (that target starcaster of all things) and I really need an upgrade. I was thinking of getting an epiphone 310 SG or an agile from rondomusic. If anyone can help me decide which one is better for the price or can give me any other options in that price range, i'd appreciate it. To let you know I like to play stuff from AC/DC to MCR.
i'd personally pick the SG, but it's a matter of how you like the feel and tone of it first and foremost.
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Dave Grohl has officially literally done everything.