Right basically I have a ESP LTD EC1000 in vintage black I love the look of the satin finish but where my fingers go for my picking hand where it rests on the body, instead of being flat black it has started to get glossy and shiny, Basically how can get it back to normal, Is there any way? Any sites that allow you to make you own pickgaurd or a customization guitar site etc etc.

Thanks UG!
Yeah cant use guitar polish on satin finish's it ruions the finish. Supposidly ment to make it really glossy thatll be the last resort for it all of the body
i have no idea how it would get shiny unless you rubbed it with a really really fine abrasive

have you tried just washing that bit?
i have a 'white guitar'
Its probably the paint, for some reason most "satin"black guitars are glossy undearneath, and have a satin coat over the top of that.

My friend had the same problem with his Gothic Explorer, he loved the satin colour, but where his arm was resting started making the finishg wear away and become glossy.

Dont think there is muc you can do, apart from repainting it with a straight satin coat instead of a glossy undercoat.

Hope this helps in some way.
not all satin finishes are gloss underneath. where'd you get that idea from?

and naptha (lighter fluid) is a great cleaner.
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i have no idea how it would get shiny unless you rubbed it with a really really fine abrasive

Hair, skin and sweat are all abrasives.
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I have the same problem. Like stated in 3rd reply, don't use guitar cleaner because it will make it shiny. I asked several people and i was told a damp cloth. Which really didn't work. My neck is really shiny due to my hand sweating. Try saliva (spit) it works a little, it will take out those new fingerprints.
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