Hey i have a question - what do those little capo clips that you can stick on your guitar do? Do a lot of people use them?
They are really good things to have. I use mine everyday. They press down certain bars so you dont have to bar it with your finger. Say you want to capo your second fret and play a G chord, which would be impossible by barring it with your finger, so you use a capo. It's pretty much a clamp.
A capo (short for capotasto, Italian for "head of fretboard") is a device used for shortening the strings, and hence raising the pitch, of a stringed instrument such as a guitar, mandolin or banjo. It was invented by the Flamenco guitarist Jose Patino Gonzalez.

Yes, if you are seriously thinking of playing guitar you need one!! Everyone uses them at one point or another. once you start looking up tabs you'll see some require capos while others dont
I have a better question. How the hell do you pronounce "capo" because I've heard it pronounced many different ways.


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wat other way could you pronounce it?
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wat other way could you pronounce it?

Cah-poe (Cah being like the CA in "Cat").
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Does it really matter how you pronounce it? Try the Kyser quickchange capo. The G7 is another good one, but alot more expensive.
Its basically moving the nut of the guitar down to create a higher pitch. and yeah there are many ways or pronouncing it, some say Cap-Oh, Some say Kay-Poh, personally I say Kay-Poh but soem of my mates call it Cap-Oh, it dosent really matter which was you pronounce it.
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