I have a Jackson JDR 94, which I love - I tried buying a newer more expensive Jackson but I could not find one better sounding than my own one. Not for less than 1200 euro anyway.

But the locking nut is driving me mad. Already I have gone through about 5 screws.
If you're not sure which bit I'm talking about have a look at the link below.

I have scored two or three in the thread of the locking nut, even though I am meticulously carfeful with them. I have also broken the screws by tightening too hard, yet again trying to be careful, but obviously not being careful enough.

This is driving me mad, why is there such a stupid flimsy system on the thing.
I now have to drive 50 KMs tomorrow to get one of these damned things.

Would I be better off just not using the locking nut and changing the intonation on the guitar. I dont use the locking trem at all any more - lost the trem bar years ago.
Sounds like tightening too much?

What does the thread look like inside the nut?

How old is the guitar as the nut wears out with age? (new locking nut?)
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Hi and thanks for your response.

I agree with you that I am tightening too much, but if I dont tighten enough, the strings are not locked at the nut and I can tell that the strings are going out of tune.

The thread inside the nut is fine, from what I can see. I think the metal of the screw is deliberately made from a softer metal so that they will "break" first.

The guitar is a Jackson JDR 94 that I bought new in that year, so about 13 years old.
Off now to see if I can get a screw somewhere.
If you've still got one of the broken screws, take it to a good hardware shop. They can match the thread type, and sell you some decent steel screws that won't break so easily, and for a lot less than you're paying now.
Quote by Archeo
why don't you just block off the trem then don't use the locking nut?

Agreed! or if you eish to use your trem in the near future buy locking tuners, or simply a new locking nut, they arnt really that dear
Okay guys, here's the update.

Was in a hardware shop this morning to get a new pliers. Broke the other one, cant catch a break at all these days. Neither they or the local music shop have the screw that I am looking for. At the moment I have two working screws and one that the allan part is rung, but the thread part of it is fine. So basically I have to use a pliers to tighten it, but once it is in it is fine. I will have to work with that for my gigs at the weekend.

When restringing the guitar this time, I did not fully screw out any of the screws, I just worked the string underneath the metal piece that the screw holds in. (wish I knew the words for some of these bits). I guess this is a given, I really am asking for trouble by screwing them out the whole way. Hopefully it will be okay for the weekend.

Locking off the trem seems like a lot of hassle. Might just try and work with what I have for the moment. Thanks guys.
well, if you want to do that then it's alright.

just remember that if you want to block off the trem, all you need is something really hard to stop it on the back cavity, on it's own space there.
I've had the same problem! Not as often though, I had to replace two of the nut screws. With a LFR they wear down pretty quickly, so you should try to find OFR screws. They are made of much better material. I also have two other tips for you:

1) Get a decent allan wrench. Not one of those crappy ones you buy at the hardware store but an industrial one that is made of harder metal. They can easily loosen a slightly worn down screw at the nut when a crappy allan wrench (made of softer metal) fails.

2) You say you have to tighten them quite a bit or they will slip. Maybe the three little square things that hold down the strings are worn down a bit. They could have the impression of a string in them which creates a 'tunnel' in which the string can freely move when you only tighten them slightly. (I hope you get what I'm saying) Try to make the surface smooth using some fine sandpaper. That way the string will be held in place properly even though you haven't tightened really hard.
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Get new lock blocks and quality screws + a quality wrench. You should NOT have to tighten them much at all to lock them. I know this from experience with multiple Floyd setups and my Kahler. Tighten the screws loosely until they start to get hard, then maybe a quarter turn is all you should ever need.

Also, to keep your current screws, use a Dremel and a Cut-Off wheel to cut a notch in the screws so you can use them with a flathead screwdriver.
Okay guys, just want to say thanks for all the help. Thats a good idea about cutting the screw to use it as a flathead screw. Will do that. Also wont tighten too much...
Got a new set of Allen key spanners.

Been using the guitar for the last while without the nut to let the strings settle down on the tuners - gonna tighten the screws for the gig on Sat nite. fingers crossed.
Hi guys,

havn trouble finding a source for the locking screws, well locally anyway. I'm afraid to buy those ones of the net, as they might be a different size, and it's hardly worth my while paying for shipn for two screws.

BUT, I bought a vice grip, and this seems to do the trick. It means that I have a better grip on the screw and dont have to worry about the inner allan key bit.

Seems to do the trick for the moment.