I'm planning on getting a guitar soon and I was wondering if yall could throw in some names of good guitars I should consider. I want to know as much as possible about these guitars before I choose which one to buy. I play hard rock but also like to do some acoustic songs. I know Ibanez is up there for rock I was just wondering what other guitars I should consider. I'm looking for something under $600. Thanks guys.
Well, there is a lot to consider here. This won't be your first guitar I am guessing? What is your first guitar/current guitar?

Ibanez has a lot of nice models, I really like their RG series, the necks feel very nice.

I myself like my Les Paul, it has a great neck feel, and it sounds nice on a good amp.

I suggest going around in a guitar store, and just playing some guitars, find yourself a guitar that you like the feeling of, and then test it out on an amp. That way, you are sure to get a guitar that suits you.
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How long've you been playing, what's your style/genre, what kind of sound you want, etc.

I recommend a Gibson Faded V myself, but that's personal bias. I've also played and enjoyed stock Epiphone Les Pauls.

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How long've you been playing, what's your style/genre, what kind of sound you want, etc.


Also, don't think that a semi-hollow or hollowbody will sound the same as an acoustic, or even close. You said you do hard rock and some acoustic stuff, you will need a seperate acoustic guitar to sound acoustic.
i love teles.
try em.
theyre nice.
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get a used fender strat

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soon to be added ibanez screamindemon
I've been playing for a little over two years now so I'm not a beginner or anything. I'm looking for a guitar that can give me the best sound when playing hard rock but wont sound too horrible on a clean channel with a chorus pedal to play acoustic songs. I play a Washburn X10. I've had it for a while even though its nothing spectacular. Anyways I've heard suggestions for an Epi LP, Flying V, Ibanez Rg series, Strat, Tele, and a Warbeast. Personally I think that B.C Riches dont sound all that great even if they do look pretty cool so those are out of the question. I've never really liked how teles or flying v's look so those are out too. So that leaves and Epi Les Paul, Ibanez rg series, and a stratocaster. Now about those RG's; if i'm not mistaken most of the Rg series have Edge III tremelos and from what I've heard those are really crappy. Is Edge III's reputation overblown or is there some fact behind why they say its so bad?
Edges have "problems" from time to time. I'd stay away from 'em myself. I personally think the whole RG line's way overpriced as well.

Anyways, go to Guitar Center and try out the Epi Les Paul and a Strat. It's actually now the classic guitar debate.

Les Paul vs Strat.

PRS SE Custom /Singlecut are sweeeeeeeet....
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PRS SE Custom /Singlecut are sweeeeeeeet....

I have to admit that PRS SE Custom/Singlecut is sweet.........but only when played clean.............I think Dist. wise the Humbuckers are extremly lacking.....
I think I'm gonna go ahead an get an Ibanez rg series (maybe prestige if I can find one for cheap). I like the whole free bridge concept. More than likely one thats H-S-H. Thanks for the help guys.