alright so im new to the world of tube amps and ive decided to go with a peavey 5150 but i wanna know how i would get it to become so overdriven to give me a more metal tone. i know you need an overdrive pedal but ive seen alot of people like john petrucci who have something like a ds-1 and another distortion pedal so i was wondering will i have to buy two pedals like say a ds-1 and a tubescreamer or just a tubescreamer or do i even need a pedal since its a 5150 please help

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you dont need squat to get a metal tone with that amp. some people like to use tubescreamers to just take the tone over the top or for solos. but yeah, youre good to go man.
just crank 'er up.
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wow that is gonna be an amazing amp, i played it at GC once, i love that amp. I played it with the van halen 25 grand guitar to. I still can't believe they let me play that thing
ah thanks a bunch dudes
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If they're buying you an MG, they hate you
^It depends, don't it? I mean, I know I want a Bogner XTC, but there's no way I'll be able to try it. Wouldn't you like to buy a Mark iv even if you haven't played through it?
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