i need some songs that are similar structure/style to nothing else matters, knockin on heavens door (GNR version), dont cry, children of the damned, fall to pieces, a tout le monde, etc.

like stuff with the broken down and arepeggiated chords with the single notes and stuff

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Not only are they more fun for you, they're more memorable, and, plus, people will think you're more badass for being able to write that stuff.

Or, you could always go with the Nylon Acoustic part from Hotel California.
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metallica - fade to black, creed - one last breath (although it's fingerpicking)
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tool and opeth definitly dont play tube amps . You cant get those distorted sounds out of it. tube is for like beatles stuff right?

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You could try the ones below, and make them heavier yourself.

Y&T "I Believe in You" has a long solo at the end to play with.


Whitesnake "Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City " a bit wimpy but you can scream a bit to make it harder.