Hello guys!I'm getting ready to buy the Digitech delay.I have heard that the Boss Delay is much more better but I can't afford it.What are the differences from these two?
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which particular models are you looking at, there are so many...maybe then someone will be willing to help you out???...
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I was pondering this myself. I would compare the Digitech digital delay ($100US) and the Boss DD-6 delay ($250?US).
Now usually it's Boss hands down and I don't even consider Digitech. But they're both digital delays, both with 2 outputs, and I'm almost sure they both have tap tempo.
I'd expect the Boss to last longer, but I have never bought a $100 Digitech pedal, so that might be durable too.
My personal opinion is to save up for the Boss, or maybe but the DD-3 ($??? but over $100)

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Ive got a DD 3 and its an average delay, if i had the choice id go for the DD 6 im not sure of how much the line 6 DLM4 i think thats the name is over there but i choose that if you can get it for around that price its fantastic ill find a link.
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I've owned the Digidelay and played the DD-6 a few times - I'd get the Digidelay again in a heartbeat - every bit as solid as the Boss in terms of ruggedness, and the sound ist... well... exactly the same (at least when it comes to regular delay). There's some freaky sounds on the digidelay too that're pretty fun...
same here. iv been saving for a delay since i sold my dd3 before. i did not like the dd3 because it has no trails. iv heard the dd-6 has trails and iv tried the digidelay before. but considering the price, the boss is much expensive but the two ALMOST have the same features with exceptions with some of it. if you ask me, id buy the digidelay pricewise and soundwise. dd-6? of course soundwise but not pricewise.

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Well the line6 propably kicks ass..So DD3 is not better than Digidelay.DD6 is,but it's more expensive.Well I'm buying the Digidelay...thank you folks!
My pedals:
Dunlop Cry Baby Wah GCB-95
Ibanez Tube Screamer (TS-9)
Digitech Hot Head
MXR Phase 90
Digitech DigiDelay