Ok i've got a solo acoustic gig coming up soon (in 2 weeks) and i've got my set list pretty well sorted im playing originals and covers pretty happy with everything on that front.

I've played maybe 8-9 gigs with my band but never by myself so i'm kinda nervous about it plus my acoustic doesn't have a pick up.

So i bought a sound hole Pick up off ebay a dean markley pro mag to be precise (got it very cheap) but i've heard conflicting reports that it won't be loud enough especially because i don't really like to use a pick and alot of my songs are finger-picking numbers anyway.

So is it best to just mic the guitar with a stage mic? i have a Shure SM58


Will the pick up be loud enough or will i need a combination of the two?

or Should I just buy a new/louder/better sound hole pickup?
Use a microphone as well as the pickup, it won't hurt you. Also, whenever I play, my acoustic soundhole pickup ends up going straight into the PA mixer, so it's not anything you should worry about.
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if ur going to play some american idiot stuff heres the settings:

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