My brother has a breedlove atlas, and after playing a recent gig. he realized his High E string is extremely far off the fret board. we looked down the neck.....and its warped. HOW CAND WE FIX THIS. were gonna take it to a luthire and see what he can do. but do we need to get a new neck? or how do they usually treat this problem. THanks guys.

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A skilled luthier can tell you what is best in your brothers particular case. There are several options, all depending on the actual situation. A complete neck replacement is one extreme; only doing some minor readjustments to cope with the twist is the other. It might even just go away after slackening and resetting the truss rod. In between there is the planing of the fretboard, either the face or from the underside. I once managed to twist a warped neck back by stressing it with some weight for a few days, but Breedloves are fine guitars and I would not recommend to subject them to that kind of mindless butchering. Take it to someone who knows.
Breedlove Atlas series have a 5-year warranty for the original purchaser.
Repairs are done in house by their incredibly talented luthiers. An Atlas series may possibly be simply replaced. Also, they may authorize and cover repairs by an outside luthier.

Don't do anything before calling them!

Breedlove Guitars, Bend (Tumalo), Oregon

They are all good guys, nobody better to talk to.
Of course I'm biased...I used to build for them in their CustomShop.

Good Luck