Hey, check out my bands myspace. I recorded the guitar using line 6 toneport and used Guitar Pro drums nd bass (which sounds not bad actually).Some of the guitars are a WEE bit off but its not bad We're currently looking for a singer and have a **** load of songs to record. Eventually we'll record the songs properly with vocals and real drums. And I'm not really sure what the genre would be so I just said "Metal sub-genre", however my other guitarist, who made the myspace, said we were "metalcore", but that really has a bad name!!
Anyway: http://www.myspace.com/thecondemnedek
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Hey pretty good stuff there. As long as you don't add growling, screaming or stuff like that...
Red letter day!
I like it alot! Reminds of bullet/Old FFAF. This song has great potential and i think getting vocals would kick ass! Im liking the harmonies alot! You dont over do them! Just enought! Same with the pinches! solo needs a nice bit of work! Other than that I like!
yeah I played the solo and even I admit that it needs work!! I couldn't be bothered writing one so I just improvised However we now have an extra bridge riff, and a fully written solo. I'll re-record with the new stuff pretty soon since the summers coming up and there's lots of free time.
"In Flames We Trust - the band of the free and the home of the brave."
Red Letter Day

Sweet intro. Reminds me alot of atreyu. This could definetely use some vocals. Sweet harmonies as well. I can see what you mean by the guitars being off a bit, but it's still pretty cool, i like the cool effect with pinch harmonics.

Nice job!
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very in flames sounding. im a fan of harmonies as you could probably tell haha. yeah some of the chugging bits were a bit off time. solos are cool, sweeping.. haha im getting that down at the moment! in any case, love the style, wanna hear these songs with vocals! hit me back when that happens