...namely the Vintage V-300. Guitarist magazine gave this guitar the award for best acoustic guitar under a grand about 3 years ago. I own one and love it, although the neck isn't quite as comfortable as my old Taylor Big Baby (which I stupidly sold to pay for my holiday to Ibiza), but for a great sounding solid top at only £90 it's hard to go wrong.

Anyways, I was thinking of buying a new acoustic, mainly because I would prefer one with a different size and shape of body (and finish, I suppose), but was wondering if it is worth it considering the alleged high reputation of my guitar (I don't know anyone else that has one!), and would it be worth, considering it's award, paying less than £1000 (or was it dollars!?) for a new acoustic?

P.S. Do you own this guitar? What is your opinion?
I own the V300, got it for Christmas last year. My first acoustic, I love it. It gives a great sound and it's not too professional (or whatever) for my first one. I don't know alot about acoustics I'm afraid, it's more electric that I know/know about. I got mine for £119 lol.

Still a great guitar.
Rating it as the best buy under 1000 pounds certainly takes into account the incredible quality to price ratio. Almost all guitars marketed under the 'Vintage' trade mark score 12 out of 10 here, mainly through being very, very cheap. The best buy doesn't mean the best guitar though. Taking a real close and critical look at any Vintage will reveal an astonishing number of finishing flaws, but somehow they always meet a reasonable standard when it comes to tone and playabilty, what makes them perfect for those who have only little money to spend. But If 1000 quid really was your budged, you probably would not buy a Vintage.
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^-- that's much like the washburn d10s being ranked the best guitar under $500 with it being only about $240 at the time. i've played the d10s and it's a great guitar for it's price tag, but there are far better guitars out there for double the money! i really don't know where these ratings and awards and such come from. i think it's best not to pay too much attention to these things.