so who else thinks that nicole ritchie, lindsay lohan, and PARIS ****ING HILTON should be forced to a life of sucking satans nasty, scaley, infectious dick for the rest of eternity??

god damn pampered bitches make me wanna take my 30-30 Marlin to Hollywood and show them wut the south thinks about all that bull****.

I think your version of their hell is actually their version of heaven, if you catch me.
lmao their version of hell would be living in middle class society, having no cameras following them, and being forced to wear underwear and never lie on their backs
ok but can I borrow lindsay lohan for bout 10 minutes
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Wiggy = legend.

Devil's Advocate
well if someone can get away w/ posting threads about their friends masturbating on webcam.....i cant be that bad
sounds like you have some problems to work out...
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I think it's nearly as bad to care about them.
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As much as they are very annoying, seeing as they don't directly affect my life in any way whatsoever, I don't really give a ****.