So here's the dealio peoplio. I have a crappy amp, the crappy amp to end all crapy amps. I just bought a Epi les paul standard, so im good to go with the guitar area. But i need a new amp. my friend has offered to sell me his marshall mg 15w w/reverb. I've read around and it seems that they're not that good. I've been lookin at amps for a while now, i i think i should get a used (or new) line 6 spider. should i get one from the III or the II series, and which model from either? (im open to any other brand)

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I have a line 6 spider 30. Its the lll series. I dont know why everyone complains about them. I think its a pretty good amp. Ill be getting a Vox half stack soon, but yeah go with taht
No...no spider, go for a Vox Valvetronix if you're more into classic rock and cleaner sounds, a Roland Cube if you want higher gain sounds...mainly for the rectifier model tbh.
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I have a Spider II 15 watt I got from my friend and it's a great amp. The Metal and Insane distortion kicks ass and Clean and Crunch is ok.
I guess it depends on what you play.
For a practise/bedroom amp, you have a lot of choices to choose from.


if you do intend to gig/practise with a band with the amp, please stay away from spiders. I had the (dis)pleasure of using a Spider half stack at a studio; needless to say, my guitar was drowned out by other instruments; simply wouldnt cut thru the mix. And at higher volumes, the digital tone of spiders comes out sounding very piercing and artificial. So much so it hurts my ears :s
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An Epi LP + Vox Valvetronix = best combination you can get without spending huge wads of cash. You'll get loads of variety

But hey, if you do have huge wads of cash to blow, then i don't know!

but forget the spider
spider II 75 watt... i like it. get the FBV Express pedal by Line 6 to take advantage of your presets. the wah sucks, but the volume is good, tuners good, and tap tempo is nice. so the express makes the amp good for me... otherwise id just be switching channels by hand.
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