OK, I was over my friends today, and I spilled some pepsi on the cloth of his pool table. I was wondering if there was any way to remove the stain. His parents don't know, and it's not their pool table either. Will the stain just go away? (Or fade, as long as it's somewhat unnoticable) or do I have to clean it?
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would carpet cleaner work? or maybe just take a damnp cloth and like press iton the stain a couple times to see if it will lift the stain off?
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DO NOT use carpet cleaner. My friend spilled something on his pool table and he tried it and now its white and even more noticable.

Call up a game shop that sells table tennis, pool, fooseball, etc. or something, they will know
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Get one of those Tide To Go thingers, and use that.
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use any kind of carpet cleaner