whats the dumbest thing youve done thats illegal mine is gettin fined for droppin litter it sux buts its a start
I called the police on a public phone to say " Oops, sorry wrong number, " when I was 6 or 7....Im not sure if thats illegal....
No rly?

Ya rly.
I've gotten two tickets for not wearing a helmet when riding my bike...
i stole a jawbreaker
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thought itd be hilarious while drunk to do a commando roll across the bonnet of an army car. i think that counts as illegal. assault of government property or something. ****er chased me down the road n everything. hehe, good times
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The only illegal thing I can remember doing was the gange but I don't regret it.

Edit: Oh and no I wasn't caught or anything.
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lit a couch on fire behind an albertsons... and ten minutes before broke onto the roof of the store and messed.. then a friend took a dump in the air duct.

busy night
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I picked a 2 trilliums (ontario's flower)

I'm a good boy.

Edit: oh, and starting fires.
Are you getting a healthy amount of fibre?
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Set huuuuge fire onto a field. I wasn't going out from my home for 3 days, i was so ****ing scared...
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When I was 8, I turned myself in to the cops for walking across a field that said "Private Property."

.... .
at a motorbike race we stole some guys fence to start a bonfire in our campsite. was fifty foot high flames. i got a tan at night time!!!
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i set fire to a empty house where drug dealers squatted.

once on my dinner break at school, me and about 13 of my friends charged into some random persons house, we ran all the way through the front door and out of the back.
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When I was 8, I turned myself in to the cops for walking across a field that said "Private Property."

.... .
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My friend was coming back to home drunk one night, he got his wallet stolen and got beaten, he took the cell from his backpack (great thing - to hide cell in backpack, thieves don't search to often there!), he called the police and for relax - he sterted to smoke WEED in the middle of street! Yeah, this drunk m******** really thought that police is NOT going to talk to him but only search for thieves! Police officer arrested him for possesing, but in the middle of the way to police station he let him go - he said that one bad thing is enough for one night, thats great isn't?
Well, this just happened last summer actually. Me and about 12 other of my friends were on dirt bikes and we tore through this gay farmers field and destroyed half of his crops. A real dick move on our part :sad jail time for us .... and no I didn't get raped

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I've stolen at least 20 road signs. 1 time, a policeman got out of his care and started chasing me.
I shot someone by accident

and I was to busy laughing my arse off to get help for him
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I **** in a bag and put it in a lady's mailbox, it's ok though, she ran over my dog.
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When I was 13 I stole an astrology book from a book store in the mall for a girl. I had stolen a couple hundred dollars worth of books that week for myself. Many were rather large hard cover books that I had to carry in my coat. That particular book was a little palm-sized book that fit easily into my pocket, yet that was the one that got me caught. Oh and it was "Police Week" at the mall so the mall was full of cops at display booths and stuff.

Thinking back on it they didn't really have anything on me. The guy in the store asked me if I was planning on paying for it and I said "No" which was just as stupid as stealing it to begin with. I hadn't left the store and when they got a cop to come the cop told me "the owner decided not to charge you since you didn't leave the store" but now I'm thinking that he wouldn't have been able to and the cop lied to me. I should have answered "Yes but I changed my mind" and put it back and left. Anyway they ended up taking me to the security office and they banned me from the mall for 3 months or something Anyway it was 12 years ago and I still feel really stupid and embarrassed about the whole thing.
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I stole a thong from wal-mart... I'm a guy... Then I called the corporate office and complained that their security sucks...
going on someone elses property, actually it was an old truck stop.
me and my friend were 10 and some old guy called it in as us breaking in and we wernt. so two cop cars showed up and one cop started yelling at us and my friend took off before they got there because he thought it was the guy who called it in. the cop asked him "how many black and white cars do you see around here" lol i wish he would have said alot.
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I stole a thong from wal-mart... I'm a guy... Then I called the corporate office and complained that their security sucks...
Walmart cuts back on EVERYTHING to keep their prices down. And I know that shoplifting increases prices but you eventually hit a point where your security efforts exceed the cost of allowing some theft to occur.

I despise shopping at Walmart. Not for moral or pretentious reasons, I mean I love to save money as much as the next guy, but the shopping experience is just horrible. Customer service is non existent. They never have enough cashiers on hand. The employees are rude and unpleasant because they don't get paid enough and it's a dead end job. It's all a result of cutting costs in every possible way so that they can offer things at lower prices. The sad part is, it seems to work. People will put up with a horrible shopping experience for lower prices. I try not to whenever possible. I'll gladly pay a buck or two more not to feel like I just walked into hell while I'm shopping. But I hate shopping to begin with so ...
well idk if its ILLEGAL per say, but its nothing no one else has done haha, it was a sunday around 11am (peeps were still at church) and the movies were like EMPTY and there was no one taking tickets so we bought tickets for one movie and saw 4 haha, not very hardcore but at the time i felt soo kool
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I used to go round kicking the wingmirrors off cars till I got arrested one awesome night.
oh and smoking while walking on a road when a cop drove by, i guess i looked old enough or my friend that was with me did lol.
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"life floats in a moving stream and you have
to move with it or it leaves you."
Mine would either be....

Setting a big fire in a field or...

"Back-talking" a Policeman and "refusing to co-operate" in a dark lane while I was drunk and the only witnesses were more police and my 2 drunk friends, one of whom was German.
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