Is there anything I can download,or something I can do to can transfer my music from my ipod to my computer?

I ask this because all of my music(about 12,000 songs ) is on my familys computer and it's taking up to much space so I need to get it to my computer.

I know you can transfer purchased songs but I download all of mine from limewire because I can't buy it.

Whats the best way to do this?


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itunes can do a reverse sync
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actually i have no idea.
i want to know how to that too.
12000 songs is a lot
youll have to upload the songs into your ipod as files rather than as music, if that makes any sense. sort of like burning a data cd with your music that you cant listen to, just transfer. then you can move the data files of your music to your other computer, i think. if not, check and see if both of your computers have a firewire port, and if they do, just use that. if there is a firewire, there will be a port with a logo that looks like this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Firewire_Icon.svg and its shaped sort of like a rectangle with the top rounded off a bit. hope this helps.
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Neither of them have firwire but they both have usb;and I'm not sure if the files are saved on my computer.

Could I hook this computer up to the other one and do that or not?
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i'm trying to do that too, but I dont 'have an I pod. I think thers something called an ftp server or soemthing that u can do if u have internet on both comps. But i dono if it works, cuase it' doesn't on mine
Go to the folder that comes up when you plug in your ipod. Click tools>folder options>view>select show hidden files and folders. Then a folder called ipod_control should be there. Go into that then into music and there should be a bunch of folders with all the songs in them. The names are ****ed up in the folders, but if you just open them all with itunes i think the names should be right.