hey, i really need a new amp, and have narrowed it down to these amps

Marshall MG100dfx (I know its an MG!!)

Roland cube 60 (do these go any higher than a 60?)

Peavey Valveking

opinions? i play mainly hard rock and metal, but would like a good blues tone, something that plays everything, and would be loud enough for gigging.

Out of those I would probably go with the Cube, for what you want.
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Valveking then, the Cube's ok I suppose if you want to go the modelling route, although I personally wouldn't gig with one if my life depended on it.

MG is a box of crap

this is better though...

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i would go with the cube or a vox hybrid...

honestly for blues a VoxAD60 would be best, and it should do hardrock...
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