Ok, first i asked you about my sweep picking, then i asked you about my song playing, then i asked you about my soloing (I'm currently working on that, thanks for the advice), now finally i have composed uploaded the intro to a song I'm still writing. I dunno if this is in the right section anymore but who cares? Mods probably. If you do care Mods, move it and stuff, thanks. Anyway so i have no idea how to do drums or piano so they're most likely crap. Truth be told I dunno much about writing guitar music so that's probably crap too , though it sounds quite catchy to me. Anyway, I've been a musician/guitarist for only 14 months, please tell me, am i headed in the right direction. This will be my last question for you all so don't worry about me annoying you anymore. Thanks to all those who answer!

Oh and it's played in guitar pro so the video is just that of my arm and untidy bedroom, i don't expect you to watch it.

Sounds good - add a bass part if you can and try to vary it as you write more and more to kp it from being too repetitive. Look forward to hearing more.