When time seemed like one of life’s many infinite resources?
When days could just float on by without anyone of us noticing?
The moment you realized that so many moments have come and gone?
We’re left with no choice but to move along

The days here are numbered
So hold onto your memories
Resisting will do nothing
Because you can not stop time

It will keep on passing
Taking the moments with it
So don’t fight time because
All things fade, even our minds

Multitudes of events that have happened now just fade away
Like grains of sand that slip through your hands and disappear into the dark
Bit by bit they fall away, helplessly we watch them fade with each new day
We can’t stop it, but we can remember

This could be the last day
That we ever see the light
Shimmering over our eyes
Take advantage of time

‘Cause it will keep on fading
And deteriorating
And in a matter of time
All things fade, even our minds

This could be the last day
That we will sleep through the night
And still awake tomorrow
So hold your memories tight

So they can exceed you
And remain after you’re gone
So as life fades from your mind
Make peace, for you can’t fight time

Any feedback is appreciated.
Well,I like it but i think you should use other meta. that time it is to over-used but anyways it is a good song not my style but it was a great read